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unbelieveable skies..

indescrible feelings..

28 July
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Mario Vazquez the next American Idol Love

im lindsey. i love cillian murphy and mario vazquez. they are beautiful. i play guitar. i love rock music. oh and i also play the clarinet. i cant sing for my life. i miss my mexican from band camp. yes i said band camp. i love horror movies and stupid comedies. my hair is constantly changing colors. but i have had dark red for a while. its short but growing. i dont go anywhere without eyeliner. i love my sister more than anyone on this planet. shes the only one that i know truly loves me. i think i like someone. ive had more surgeries in my life than you can count on your fingers. my room is half cillian and half band posters. i have awesome friends even if i might deny it sometimes. im totally attracted to mexicans. youve got me hands down if you wear hats. turn on right here. im pretty short. hopefully ill grow a few more inches. my nose takes up my whole face. yellowcard is my favorite band. i love simon from american idol. hes so honestly blunt its hilarious. i just discovered god a few weeks ago. im loving it. i think i want to go to tech or unt for college. i get my license very soon. i love horses. mexican food is freaking amazing. i could live on that stuff. music is life.

Cillian Murphy Is Beautiful ~

The Little Mermaid is love.