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warrrped tour!

ahh i finally got my journal back right!!


yeah so warped tour was so amazing. i loved it. mcr and tsl were amazing b.c those were the only 2 that i actually saw all of. i heard fall out boy in the background while i was trying to meet the all american rejects and they were great too. ok so i was standing in line to meet aar and they closed the freaking gates when i was so so close! it pissed me off..i did see tysons buttcrack though :-) hes really gross looking in person though..tom welling look alike did not exactly apply yesterday. we walked around for a while and thats when ben came up to me and asked me to listen to his band, jupiter sunrise..even if they sucked i still woulda said i liked it, but i really did like it! they were really really good and you should go check them out on so i bought their cd and that was 10$ not wasted...then i bought a cool warped tour shirt and an aar shirt.. and i got allota free stuff too. i really wanted to see more bands than i did b.c stormye said she didnt feel good or whatever so i didnt get to see half of what i wanted to..oh well. then mcr came on and they were so amazing. gerard got a haircut and it looks good on him. haha i love him hes so crazy..but yeah i have alot of pictures ill post them later. def. going next year. who wants to go with me!?


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