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f i r s t s
First best friend :: cara
First true friend :: cara
First major crush :: khal..aha 4th grade..
First screen name :: rocknhorse728
First self purchased album :: spice girls
First funeral :: kathleens mom
First pet :: cat-kitty
First enemy :: not that i know of..?
First big trip :: france
First music you remember hearing in your house :: barney

l a s t s
Last good cry :: few days ago
Last library book checked out :: no idea
Last wedding :: alyssa and jeremy. oh so cute.
Last two movies you watched in theaters :: umm amityville horror i think

Last time scolded :: last night
Last time traveled :: disney world
Last time you danced :: in my room

R e l a t I o n s h I p s
Who is your best friend :: storm
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes khal
Are you close with your parents? sometimes

F a s h I o n | s t u f f
Where is your favorite place to shop? antique shops..they have cool stuff
Any tattoos or piercings? ears
Favorite thing to wear ::  pajamas
Most comfortable in :: pjs
Hair :: roots are brown and the rest is red
Always spend money on :: posters

S p e c I f I c s
What cd is the best :: alot of cds are good
What kind of shampoo do you use? herbal essence
What are you most scared of? falling
What are you listening to right now? hoobastank
What are your bad habits :: cracking my knuckles 
Where do you want to get married? outside somewhere
How many buddies are online right now? 40
Pet Peeve :: fakeness
What would you change about yourself? alot...

F a v o r I t e s
Color :: green
Food ::
Book :: traveling pants
Movie :: phantom of the opera
Subject in school :: nothing
Fast Food :: chick fil a
Sport :: BASEBALL!
Perfume :: whatever im using right now
Cologne :: abercrombie. oh smells so good.

H a v e | y o u | e v e r
Gotten detention :: never
Smoked :: nope
Bungee jumped :: nooope
Made yourself throw up :: never thrown up
Skinny dipped :: halfway
Ever been in love :: think so
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble :: nah
Cried when someone died :: duh.
Lied :: yea
been in the emergency room :: yes
Fallen for your best friend :: yesh
Been rejected :: yes
Rejected someone :: yeaa

C u r r e n t
Favorite artist :: khal.. :-)
Cd in player :: i dont know
Dvd in player :: castaway
Color of nails :: pinkish..

L a s t | p e r s o n
You touched :: sister
You imed: kwee
Hugged:: khal
Kissed:: khal
Talked to on the phone:: khal
Texted:: khal
Yelld at:: mom

A r e | y o u
Understanding:: sure am
Open minded :: i hope
Insecure :: yes
Interesting :: shyeah..
Hungry :: nope just ate

Moody :: can be
Hardworking :: i try to be
Organized :: sometimes
Healthy :: ehhh..nope
Attractive :: u answer that
Bored easily :: not even gonna answer this one
spoiled :: not really.
Angry :: nope!
Sad :: not really
Disapoointed :: not as of right now..i might be later
Happy :: sure
Hyper :: nope im laid back
Trusting :: dont trust many people..
Talkative :: people say im like a frickin mute but im not.

R a n d o m
In the morning I am :: dead
All I need is :: true friends
Love is : cruel and kind
I dream about :: i dont dream. im weird

W h I c h | I s | b e t t e r
Coke or pepsi :: pepsi
Flowers or candy :: flowers
Tall or short :: taller than me
cake or pie :: pie
Vanilla or Chocolate :: chocolate
Hot or cold :: hot

R a n d o m
What do you notice first about a person :: teeth and hair color.
Last person you danced with:: scotty..we were swinging at emilys party
Worst question to ask :: uhh
Who makes you laugh the most :: stormye makes me laugh till i cry

D o | y o u | e v e r
Sit on the internet waiting for that someone to IM you :: yea somtmies
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex :: sometimes
Wish you were younger :: no wish iwere older

N u m b e r
States I’ve lived in ::2 here and massachussetts
Good friends :: a lot
Cds I own :: alott
Scars on my body :: alot

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