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i am so bored. i dont know what to do with myself.

i wish my life were a bit more exciting. thats not too much to ask right?

im sucha freakn loser-face nobody ever wants to hang with me.

except scotty and john. but theyre cool.

i dont think i was meant to ever see yc live.

i didnt get publicist. whoa. theres a not.

i was being too full of myself.and was sure i was gonna win...know not to ever do that again.

ya know what? ive never won anything in my life ive ever tried out for.

how damn sad.

my mom makes me want to rip my face off every time she talks to yells.

people hate me for i dont even know what i did. thatd be a bit helpful to know.

i dont belong anywhere. er i never feel like i belong/am wanted.

im sucha loser people would rather talk to a stick than me.

khal is one of the only good things that happend to me in a long time. me for next years publicist..psh i wish.


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