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warrrped tour! [26 Jun 2005|09:06am]
[ mood | drained ]

ahh i finally got my journal back right!!

warped tourCollapse )

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[01 Jun 2005|02:46pm]
[ mood | content ]

mm..bored.Collapse )

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[20 May 2005|06:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]




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[14 May 2005|11:33am]
well...congrats to the dms.
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[28 Apr 2005|07:27pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

my friends are amazing. i love you guys so much.

sorry for ever hurting you if i did.

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[24 Apr 2005|07:40pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]



read if you want. i dont care about you stupid anonymous people.Collapse )

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[ mood | pissed off ]


yellowcard is playing in DISNEY WORLD today, the 29 and the 30th!!!!!

WTF???? seriously. they come right after we leave...and of course the year i can go to warped tour theyre not gonna be there!!!!

AHhahHHHhHHh. im so pissed off right now.

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oh hey this is zach and immm just updating for lindz cuz she LAAAAAAAZZZYYYYY :-p [05 Apr 2005|09:27pm]
Answer Ze qeustions

Would You...
1. Give me your number?
3. Let me kiss you or would you kiss me?
4. Watch a movie with me...even a really romantic chick flick?
6. Drive me somewhere/anywhere?
7. Take a shower with me?
8. Be my bf/gf?
9. Have a fling with me?
10. Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
12. Take me home for the night?
13. Would you let me sleep in your bed?
14. Sing car kareoke w/ me?
15. Sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
16. Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
17. Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
18. Do you think im pretty, beautiful, or hot?
19. Do you like my style?
20. Do you think im funny?
21. Do you care about me?
22. Would you cry if i died?
24. Would you dance with me?
25. Would you sing happy birthday to me?

oh by the way, symphonic got straight ones at UIL

annnd lindz is awesome

leave comments u crazy fools
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[28 Mar 2005|12:42pm]
[ mood | content ]

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

take it!!!

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[26 Mar 2005|01:45pm]
[ mood | cold ]

amanda..ive been stealing a lot of things from you lately...Collapse )

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[24 Mar 2005|09:20pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

ok ive lost 15 pounds. how the crap did i lose that weight? im not even trying to lose weight.

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[21 Mar 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | content ]

me and amanda must be really bored...Collapse )

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[19 Mar 2005|05:37pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


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[18 Mar 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Dance the night away by karchan85
What you Look like
The MusicJ-Pop
Quiz created with MemeGen!

i know i dont dance that bad. or that white.
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dedicated to my one and only [14 Mar 2005|07:39pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

well..its true that my baby has left american idol...god this is so depressing.


this is definately not the last you will see of MARIO VAZQUEZCollapse )

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[13 Mar 2005|07:47pm]
[ mood | rejected ]

im so lovesick.

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american idoll [07 Mar 2005|08:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

okay if anwar and paula get to have babies...me and mario get to have babies too.

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[07 Mar 2005|02:46pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

why cant i be one of those people who everyone wants to hang out with all of the time? god i am a depressing, pathetic, ugly person.

im going to get a cavity filled in a few minutes. stupid tooth apparently grew in with a cavity. on friday i have surgery. what a beautiful way to spend my week off.

this break sucks.

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[03 Mar 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]


jesuusss cuhrist wouldya look at this smile.Collapse )

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[28 Feb 2005|08:21pm]
[ mood | content ]

im watching the bachelorette..and shes making out with jerry. i think i want jerry to win cuz hes a sweetheart. uh oh a commercial. okay now shes making out with john paul. haha no. john paul is sweet and a good guy but i dont think hes for jen. jen is so pretty-im jealous. haha isnt it funny that when a guy says he loves you to a girl-the girl just kisses him. i find it quite hilarious. but her and john paul are kinda cute together i guess. iono this is confusing. okkay another commercial. its funny all of the people in the background are like wtf are those guys doing with a camera? its pretty funny. aw its so cute theyre picking out rings. yet very sad for one of them. "i want this to turn into a beautiful fairytale." how freakin adorable is that? okay i did not wanna see john paul in a towel. wow okay this is getting intense. another commercial. lsjlakdfldsajlf. moment of truth. john paul or jerry? the first one is john paul. okay. hes so sweet cuz you can just tell he loves her. OMG SHE REJECTED HIM! this is so so so sad. hes so heartbroken. i hate love. but she chose JERRY! hes a sweetheart too. i hate that john paul got heartbroken though. eh hes bein kinda concieted about the fact he didnt get picked. it is kinda sad though. yay for jerry.

i think i still have a crush kinda-sorta but im pretty sure he thinks im weird and some creep...so im pretty sure its not gonna work out. he frickin hates me. yep.

and some model company sent me a letter asking me to be in some modeling show coming up. ok??

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