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american idoll

okay if anwar and paula get to have and mario get to have babies too.
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ummmm excuse u, we all know its gonna be ME and mario with the kids...duh! :-p

i love lindsey

Mr. Crow / zizzach the hizzo
hahaha no way.
eh fine as long as i get middle.
I LOOOOOOOOVE LINDZ CAVANAUGH!!!!!!!! W00T! Lol yup my virginity was lost to two pigs... o jeez!
haha i never thought pigs would take it away...
I LOOOOVE AMANDA PALOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suspended comment

i love samaan
not as much as that other ugly chic *cough JACLYN cough*

ugly #1
oh yeah??
whas goin on?
oh yeah somethins goin on.... or will be ;)

but uhh yea ur background = love!
haha yess maam!!!
you guys are so bad!! omgsh talkin bout me!! haha i love you guys!!
love is in the air, everywhere i look aroundddd

hah whats up with all tha love goin around...and still the fat guy gets left out :(.... *goes in a corner and kills himself*

this is zach's soul, look what u guys did, way to go :-p

i love the uglies wiff all my heart

Mr. Crow
hey now there aint no love over hurr..
i read yer updated informanation. YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU FOUND GOD???????????????????????????????????????????????? IM GONNA DIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats info you MUST disclose to travis for it is necessary for the universe to exist. and God rocks dont He? indeed.

haha yes travis. god rocks.